Visiting a payday lender for a cash advance can help you breathe easier if your funds are tight. Whether you need just $100 to make it to your next payday or a short-term loan of $1,000, your local payday lender will provide you with this monetary lifeline. It's advantageous to never borrow more than you can pay back and to also have a clear-cut plan for repaying the payday advance as quickly as possible. Here are some effective ways to deal with this situation in the most responsible way possible.

Seek Help from a Family Member

If you were in a financial bind and didn't have time to ask for help from family members before contacting your payday lender, now is the time to explore this area. A close family member may be able to loan you some money without needing it to be repaid right away. This will allow you to give this money to the payday lender to square things up, and then you can get working on saving some of each of your paychecks to pay back your family member with a little interest.

Find Odd Jobs

It's ideal to be able to take extra shifts at work if you need to put together a sum of money quickly to repay your lender. However, not everyone's job is set up with this possibility. If you can't take on more shifts, see about finding odd jobs that you can advertise among friends and neighbors to help earn some money. For example, you could try babysitting neighbors' children after school; even a few days of doing so can give you some extra money in your pocket to help repay the payday advance.

Understand Your Income Versus What You Owe

It's important to have a clear understanding of what you make in your job versus what you owe the lender and then consider these numbers when it comes to managing your spending. For example, if you want to pay back the lender $500 in one week, and you earn $750 a week after taxes, this leaves you with $200 that will have to carry your bills and other expenses for the week. This knowledge will remind you that it will be necessary to curtail all non-essential spending during the week. For example, avoid eating out and buying gifts for yourself in favor of using the $200 for groceries and bills.

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