If you are interested in starting the hobby of collecting old coins, you most likely look through your change each time you make a purchase to find rare pieces that may hold value. To increase the likelihood in obtaining a coin worth saving, try increasing the amount of change you collect by visiting locations where random coins may be up for grabs. Here are some spots to be sure to check out in an attempt to add exciting currency to your ever-growing collection.

Use Dollars To Pay For Snacks Or Drinks

When you visit a location where a vending machine is present, consider using dollar bills for items so you obtain change from within the machine. Sometimes people will use rare coins to get themselves a soda or candy bar if that is the only change they have on their person at a time when they are desperate for something to eat or drink. 

Head To Your Local Bank For Rolled Coins

Many people roll up coins they save in a jar or similar container when they collect a substantial amount. Since banks take rolled coins in exchange for paper currency, consider going to your local branch to exchange some of your dollars for these rolled treasures. Someone who does not collect coins themselves may have put rare coins inside the rolls, making it an exciting way for you to find mystery coins when they are unwrapped. If you do not find anything of value, simply roll up the coins again and exchange them for a new roll the next time you visit the bank.

Peer Into A Helpful Tray When Making Purchases

Many convenience stores, diners, or small stores will provide a tray of coins near their cash register to hold coins for those making purchases. If someone does not have enough money to pay for items they wish to buy, they can take the change from the tray. Others will put their change in the tray if they do not want to carry around change. This goodwill tray is in view and coins are ready for the taking. Take a look inside a tray and exchange any rare coins found with regular coins you keep in your pocket. 

Invest In A Metal Detector And Go To Public Places

Finding rare coins can be easier with the assistance of a metal detector. Bring this beneficial piece of equipment to public spots where people are likely to leave coins behind. The beach, stadiums, and parks are prime spots for finding left behind change. Ask friends and neighbors if you can use your machine in their yards to see if anything rare is present. Make it a habit to check underneath benches at bus stops, in front of churches, restaurants, or banks for change someone may have dropped mistakenly as well.

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