If you have raced to the bank on payday on many occasions just to find out that the bank is closed and you need to wait until the following day to deposit your check or obtain the cash you need for bills, you were probably infuriated at the time of each of these instances or were unable to pay one or more of your bills in a timely manner. If your bank offers video banking solutions, learn how this new feature can be helpful to you.

Appreciate The Convenience Of A Private Kiosk

Video banking is offered in a kiosk-type setting. Usually, a video banking device is set up in a fairly private setting so that clients can speak to bank representatives without being disrupted by others who are entering the lobby area to use an ATM. Busy banks tend to have multiple video banking machines installed so that several people can be helped at the same time.

Request information about the video banking hours by calling your local branch. Even after hours, you should be able to receive information related to the banking machines by listening to a pre-recorded message. Video banking is offered every day of the week, but each individual bank branch may have their own set of hours that pertain to video banking.

Speak To A Live Person

After approaching a video banking kiosk, you will need to enter some basic information on a keyboard so that your account is recognized. If you would rather speak to someone as soon as you begin to use a kiosk, let it be known by picking up the phone receiver that is attached to the machine. After being connected to a live agent, you will see the other person in real time, and they will be able to see you.

Tell the agent what you need help with in the same manner that you would speak to a live teller at your bank. You can deposit your entire check or request that the check is cashed and have the money dispensed from the machine.

Of course, you will need to prove your identity before completing a transaction, but this usually only requires showing your government issued identification card or answering some personal questions that only you would know the answer to.

If you have any specialized banking issues that require custom attention, you can ask to speak to a loan officer or mortgage specialist. After your banking problem has been resolved, simply thank the live agent and place the phone receiver back on its hook.