Finding out that a loved one has been arrested and jailed can be devastating. Helping your loved one means one thing: getting them bailed out of jail. Fortunately, this can be accomplished far easier than you might think, thanks to bail bonding agents. These heroes work with you at your most stressful time to arrange for your loved one's freedom. Read on to find out more about bail bonds and how to take action to rescue your loved one.

Learn the Facts About Your Loved One's Bail

Almost everyone can be bailed out of jail – it's just a matter of paying the price. Bail, if offered, is often priced depending on the nature of the crime, the criminal record of the defendant, and local practices. Your loved one may know how much their bail is when they phone you. You can also call the jail facility yourself and find out how much it is. You will need to find out exactly where your loved one is being held, the crimes to which they are charged, and an inmate number. Jails are used to this type of call and understand how upsetting it can be. Another person who understands all about bail and dealing with the jail is a bail bonding agent.

Can Your Loved One Remain in Jail?

If you cannot afford bail, your loved one might have to stay in jail until their case comes to trial. That can take several months depending on how crowded the court calendar may be in your location. Speaking of crowding, jails are extremely overcrowded, noisy, and dangerous places to await trial. Being free means your loved one can work, be with family, and most importantly of all, work on their defense against the crimes they are charged with.

Who Are Bail Bonding Agents?

Bail bonding agents are not employees of the jail or the court system. They are, however, located near correctional facilities and stand ready to assist those who need help fast. Often, bail bonding agents are accustomed to working closely with the local jails and know exactly what needs to be done to arrange for bail using something called a bail bond.

What is a Bail Bond?

Instead of having to pay the many thousands of dollars asked for by the courts, bail bonds can be purchased for a low percentage of that amount. You might, for example, be able to pay the bail bonding agent 10% of the $5,000 needed for bail. So, for $500 your loved one can attain freedom from jail. A simple phone call to a friendly bail agent in your area can take a huge burden from your shoulders, so take action today and get your loved one out of jail.