The beginning of the year is here, and for many households, that means it is time to start thinking about filing taxes. One of the biggest decisions that people face is whether they should use an online program to help them file their taxes or whether they should use a person who offers tax services. There are many benefits to using a person instead of an online tax service. Here are some of those benefits. 

In-Person Tax Services Can Answer Your Questions

One of the biggest benefits of using an in-person tax service is that they can answer any questions you may have and provide you with an answer that is geared toward your situation. When you use an online service, you might be able to ask your question, but you will often be redirected to a frequently asked questions page where a one-size-fits-all answer will be presented. The answer may not fully answer your question or may not be right for your specific situation. 

In-Person Professionals Work to Decrease Your Tax Liability

An in-person professional will work to decrease your tax liability. The software tries to do this as well, but it is limited by the answer you provide. If you do not fully understand the question, you may answer it incorrectly, which may not fully decrease your tax liability or qualify you for every deduction or write-off you can take. An in-person professional sees everything for themselves and can help you to fully decrease your tax liability. 

In-Person Tax Services Can Offer Advice For Next Year

An in-person tax service can do more than just help you with this year's taxes; they can help with the next years too. They can offer advice that can help you reduce your tax liability for next year, such as opening an IRA account or putting more into your 401K account. Tax software may give you some tips, but they cannot explain why you should do this or help you to set it up as a person can. 

In-Person Tax Services Are There If You Have an Audit

Lastly, if you are audited, you can sit down with an in-person tax service. They can ensure your taxes are correct, make changes that need to be made and answer any questions you may have. Many online tax services offer audit services as well, but for many people, talking to someone in person is more comforting in stressful situations than talking to someone over the phone or computer. 

Online tax services can be good if your taxes are straight forward and easy. However, for many households, their taxes are more complicated. It can be challenging determining what you can and cannot write off, whether you are allowed to take a deduction, or whether you claimed everything that you possibly could to decrease your tax liability. If you are looking to have your taxes done, contact a local tax service professional in your area to get started.