If you have gold jewelry you no longer want and would rather sell, then you should know where to sell it. There are a wide variety of options, but three of the best ones are pawn shops, secondhand jewelry stores, and gold scrap centers. Here are three great places to sell gold jewelry.

Pawn Shop

One of the best ways to sell your gold jewelry is by selling it to a pawn shop. Not only do pawn shops typically have experts willing to verify your jewelry's worth and composition, but you can also be reasonably sure that they will take your jewelry. Plus, if you're also in need of a short-term loan, you can use the gold jewelry as collateral. You should bring any identifying paperwork that may or may not go with your jewelry as proof of purchase and proof of value, composition, and other things that can affect the price.

Secondhand Jewelry Stores

The second best place to sell gold jewelry is jewelry stores that accept secondhand items. This can mean general secondhand stores or jewelry stores that sell new and used jewelry. This option might be more or less accessible to you, depending on where you go. For example, you might not have a brick and mortar jewelry store that accepts secondhand items, but you may be able to sell your gold jewelry online. Here, too, you should bring any paperwork that could increase the value on the market. You can either bring them to the jeweler or have pictures available online if you choose websites such as eBay or Worthy.

Gold Scrap Centers

Finally, a great option to sell your gold jewelry is taking advantage of scrap centers that buy leftover metals for further processing. These locations accept a wide variety of metal in various conditions, including gold jewelry. Gold typically pays a price relative to the market price of gold per gram or ounce at the time of the sale. However, you should know that the money you get may be partially determined by not only the carat of your jewelry but also how hard the gold is to process. This also applies to any other scrap metal you may have, such as copper scrap alone versus copper wires.

When selling your gold jewelry, be sure to understand that you will most likely not be able to get the retail price you may have paid for it when you sell it. You can sell gold jewelry to pawn shops, secondhand jewelry stores, and gold scrap centers. You should have any paperwork that may go with the jewelry when you sell the gold for verification and to increase its value.

If you are interested in learning more about how to sell gold jewelry, feel free to reach out to jewelers.